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How Bad Love Saved 2021 Zine


A fold-out zine about my top ten favorite kpop songs of 2021!

This is a hand screen printed zine in 4 colors on 11 x 17 inch yellow paper. There is some variation to each one- none of them is "perfect" and may have an acceptable amount or mis-registration or flooding so long as it's still readable and cool looking!

Edit: These are what I'd consider B-grade, as I scrounged up ten more of the prints after the more perfect ones sold out. Each one has a noticeable amount of flooding for mis-registration. That's why the price is reduced, but also, they're the last of the stock forever!

I toiled over this as part of my yearly art playlist holiday gift for my friends- these are the remains.

Let me know in the order comment if you have a favorite group or bias. <3

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